Wise Woman Health


"In 2015, Max healed me of my allergies with homeopathy.

It's a miracle. You did what doctors could never do for me."

~ AD , 66 when treated


"Max helped my son while he was in the ic care burn unit after his accident. She helped with greatly reducing his anxiety around his wound care and physical therapy.

One of the most frustrating symptoms of Fibromyalgia for me has been the "fog" or lack clarity. After being treated by Max, my "fog" is gone! I feel like I have my brain back."

~ JK , 46


“Max helped me and my child more than I would have ever thought possible. She listens very carefully, asks insightful questions and takes meticulous notes throughout the process. She puts a lot of thought and careful analysis into her work of choosing remedies, and seems to be always looking for clues to be able to fine tune the process.

It's not a quick fix, but well worth the commitment.

Max is also very easy to talk to, and was able to put my reticent child at ease to be able to open up and speak freely about challenging symptoms. Max was able to resolve so many issues. The frequency of my hot flashes has diminished, but the intensity has diminished so much more, I have fewer joint pains and have had less frequent migraines, have less anxiety, and have had better sleep.

My child had been prone to serious respiratory problems but after care got well in a couple days during one incident, and when everyone around was sick another time, my child did not get sick at all and also had great improvements with hypersensitivities, feelings of vulnerability, feeling threatened, had help with anxiety and panic, was able to sleep better, and became open to eating more foods.”

~ DB , 53 & AB , 8


"Max has been my dear friend for 35 years, and I have long admired her fierce commitment to making this a safer and healthier world. I have closely witnessed her journey from young activist (fighting for a nuclear-free and toxic-free environment) to mother (of 3 amazing home-schooled kids) to Professional Classical Homeopath. When I celebrated her medical graduation with her, I knew she would be a truly great physician (smart, caring, dedicated, thorough) but I didn't know she would become MY physician!

Several months ago, after a scary PSA test, I asked Max if she could help me. She gave me the most comprehensive health evaluation I've ever had. After nearly 3 hours, Max prescribed a remedy, which I've been taking now for four months. Many longterm physical and emotional health issues, along with my initial concern, seem to be resolving. In the past I have been skeptical about how much homeopathy can really do, but I'm not so skeptical any more. I trust Max deeply and I can't overstate the importance of having a medical provider you know and trust. To anyone needing support for any health related matter, I can joyfully recommend Max without hesitation. Bottom line: Max is exceptionally smart, caring, dedicated and thorough. Do yourself a favor and call her. You'll be in good hands."

~ TE


"Max is brilliant, sensitive, thoughtful, and deeply ethical. She will listen to you and help you navigate your situation with information, perspective, and love. If you need help, call her!”

~ SH


I was in a minor car accident with my children that left me very rattled. Max stepped in immediately to offer her expertise. Her initial interview was thorough and thoughtful and she spent a lot of time talking with me. She addressed my post-trauma symptoms with subtlety and insight, and went out of her way to make sure I had what I needed to heal, putting the incident behind me. She is a lovely and thoughtful healer.

~ SM


Max treated me while I was cooking for a job in the Mendocino Woodland Preserve. I sustained 2nd degree burns on my hand, and I was in tremendous pain. I wasn't able to go to the hospital for 7 days after the injury.

Max offered tremendous help, factual advice, superb follow up, and a plethora of homeopathic medicine. I followed her instructions and care religiously.

When I left the Woodland Preserve I went to the ER room of the nearest hospital. I saw a burn specialist. What they said to me then I will never forget....

"Who has been treating you?"

Max Ventura, she is a homeopath...

" Oh! Well, whatever she did, she did it perfectly! You are going to heal just fine. Nothing else we can do for you. "

And I healed ! Perfectly. I would heartily recommend Max as a homeopathic healer. She has great insight and intuition. Couple that with years of training and you have a healer that can help with what might be ailing you.


I've been working on moving from the awareness of the suppression of my energy into the release of it, with Wise Woman Health and Maxina. In a few sessions where I was able to describe my physical, mental and emotional current states, Max has documented them. She then used that information to develop a profile of possible remedy applications that would work with my physiology as well as my mental states. At her direction, I have applied those remedy formulations only twice in as many months. At the moment of each application and for days after I have observed the gradual (at one time IMMEDIATE) Sense of Release and therefore Relief of bodily symptoms and anxiety that have perplexed me all my life. You can imagine how managing the stresses of my current daily living has become almost effortless. I say effortless in the sense that I am managing life with noticeably less Obstructions of my own body and mind. I am excited to continue the treatment path she expertly guides me in. Thank you Wise Woman Max for your expertise and compassion on this leg of my life's journey. May it be a marathon, not a Sprint...and may it not be always Up … Check her out!

- PP