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Focused Consultations: Toxics, Nutrition, Homebirthing, Homeschooling, Natural Dying

We are surrounded by abundance!

I'm available for consultations on several topics. Cost is by the hour ($150). If you will using my services for more than a one-time session, we can discuss cost.


I will help you understand many specific toxics issues, and can help you strategize changes you can make right now to safeguard you family. We will discuss further steps you can take, and what that might look like on a practical level as you work on mitigations.

Together, we can take a concern which might overwhelm you, and break it down into bite-sized chunks you can handle, piece by piece. Often consultations which involve your living space best are handled by meeting at your home where I can make more pointed suggestions based on seeing the space itself. We can discuss the cost related to travel and transportation.


*I described some on the 'Natural Parenting' page, and here are some quick descriptions of some of the kinds of my Focused Consultation offerings:

- Dangers of Pesticides such as Herbicides; Insecticides; Fungicides; Rodenticides, and Alternatives to Pesticides. Alternatives to common Bactericides, too. I can help you understand sources of Pesticides to which you are exposed, and the various forms of entry into your kids and you, and your pets. I can strategize with you about mitigations you can do immediately while we develop a longer-term plan. I can help you understand levels of chemical testing so that you don't throw away money on a test that will not be useful in learning about certain toxins. I can help you understand some important healthcare steps you can take immediately to work to mitigate pesticide poisoning incidents

- Chemicals lurking in daily life, and strategies to replace those products with safe alternatives

- Lead and other heavy metals, and Asbestos. As with Pesticides, I can help you understand sources of exposure, and help you to make a plan for your kids and you to have the best chance possible to get the metals back out and if there is Asbestos, like with working to get lead out of your bodies and home, getting it out of your house requires careful planning and techniques so that you do not further expose your family, neighbors, or neighborhood visitors. There's so much you can do right now, and we can plan for the longer-term, too

- Nutrition Consulting. As described on the 'Natural Parenting' page. And if you want to work with transitioning to Organics but do not feel you have the money to do it all at once, I can help you understand which things are most important to prioritize as Organic. We can discuss why people sometimes choose one way of eating over another and can discuss cookware and healthy food storage options. I can help you sort through what can feel like a morass of information to come to a plan that will work for your family

- Natural Birth means different things within different families. My first child was born at a free-standing birth center, and my next two children were born at home.

If you are pregnant and want support for as natural a birth as possible, or a hospital birth that is less invasive, we can talk priorities and strategies. Having helped families through pregnancies and births, including several in hospitals, I have a lot to offer in strategies and suggestions for how you can get more of what you desire in a hospital birth, and I have many strategies to offer for birth center and home births, also.

- My children never have gone to school until a point when each decided to enter community colleges in their teens. In fact, they 'Unschooled' and developed at their own paces. My concern always has been that my children learn Critical Thinking skills. I felt if they learned how to think through issues from many angles, they could learn anything at all that they wanted to learn. And so it is.

Diversity is strength in the biological world. If you are considering any form of Homeschooling or Unschooling, I can help you strategize around the choice. I'm here to help you as you gain confidence in your ability to guide your kids, and look forward to seeing you enjoying life with your family, especially if your kids and you had trouble in a school system

I can help you understand moving from Homeschooling or Unschooling into college, if that is in your young person's plans. We can discuss nuts and bolts, and I can help you understand many of the hidden logistics of the process of beginning in a community college system, and pros or cons of possible options

- I can help you make sense of your priorities in life, and help you develop some longtime goals, and plans to help you succeed

- Natural Dying is becoming more important to more of our population. Years ago Jessica Mitford, a muckraking journalist, wrote The American Way of Birth and The American Way of Death. She was focusing on the industries and her primary criticisms had to do with the greed that infuses both.

Death, like birth, is a very big industry in this country, and times approaching death most commonly are filled with many drugs which often take people far away from the present, can create hallucinations and paranoia, and many invasive procedures interrupt what otherwise can be a very natural, cyclical, and often very gentle process.

The real problem for many, both the dying and their loved ones is, others are busy telling them how they should be thinking, feeling, experiencing one another, and the process of death. Probably because now American society is a very multicultural affair, more people are deciding not to allow dying times to be taken over by machines and electronics, bright lights, handed over to "the experts".

Around the world death is not treated this way. If your loved one is in a conventional hospital or rehabilitation center, you might need to work a little harder to allow a more natural process, but if that's what you want I can support you in that, and help you strategize better to be able to attain more of the time together your family and friends want. I have experience helping people in transitioning out of life, including being with them at death at home, or in a hospital. I can help you, and family members, understand some of what we believe is happening along the way.

And please remember that our homeopathic remedies can help pave the way for a gentle death.

We can figure out what you need and look at how you can sustain well during what can happen over weeks, or can stretch out over months, or even years. It can help people in such a situation to develop some ideas of what they will do if the time might turn out to be a shorter time, or might be a longer time. There are many practical issues which need attention in addition to the myriad feelings people face when they know they, or their loved one at some point soon shall pass.

Perhaps you are quite well, but want to put some plans in place so that your children and medical people have clarity of your desires. I can help you as you figure out how you want to proceed.

Or maybe you have received a diagnosis that leads you to want to

"put your affairs in order". That can be an overwhelming time but I can help you sort through feelings and desires, and together we can look at how you want to create the life you have ahead of you.

If it will be helpful, I can meet with your loved ones with you, or without you if you prefer, in order to help them understand the approaches you plan to take going forward, and to provide them support, also. Often the first response of those who love you can be to try to convince you to try absolutely any invasive procedure or drug that they are told might buy some time.

If you don't choose that route, loved ones sometimes feel bruised, in shock, and feel like you are being selfish not to fight for every minute possible with them. Even when those thoughts are out of love, it can be hard for a person on a dying journey to be confronted repeatedly with those desires, so I can try to help your loved ones understand your wishes as you have related them to me.

I'm happy to support them, and I'm happy to support you as you move through this experience.