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Conditions Homeopathy Can Help

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The World Health Organization (WHO) points out that, Homeopathy is the 2nd largest medical system in the world and estimates that over 500,000,000 people use Homeopathy. 1 in 12 - 14 people worldwide rely on homeopathic care.

This is evidence-based medicine with well over 200 years of use of medicines tested on consenting humans. Since at least the mid-'90's some Kaiser Permanente surgeons have been suggesting use of Homeopathy post-op. Results for their patients are good for their bottom line, as doctors and medical administrators around the world know. Everyone benefits, particularly when the post-op care treatment is overseen by a Professional Homeopath who is tracking progress and helping to make sure dose and frequency are optimal for the patient's needs.

EXAMPLES of the hundreds of conditions with which Homeopathy can help:

Acute disease and flare-up states such as in Flu and other Viruses; Bacterial infections such as Mastitis; Cystitis and UTI's; Respiratory problems such as in an Asthma attack; Bronchitis; Pneumonia; Injury Recovery; Post-op Surgery Recovery (different for some surgeries such as Frenectomy / Frenulotomy -- tongue-tie surgery -- or Burn Recovery where you do not want the tissue to heal up too quickly; it needs to be helped to be pliable so we work differently than we would after other surgeries); Poison Oak; Dental problems; Spinal Problems; Insomnia; Extreme Anxiety; Shock and Distress such as after an accident or the sudden loss of a loved one; Meningitis; Typhoid; Diptheria; Strep infections; Malaria; AIDS symptoms; Explosive diarrhea; Symptoms of Cancer treatments; Symptoms of Toxics (chemical or heavy metals, post-vaccination, antibiotics); Pain management such as for back and other chronic spinal pain; Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, and End of Life support.

Around the world, and over more than a couple hundred years, people with these diseases and so many other conditions have been treated successfully.

** Reduction in Antibiotic Use for our patients in a society where so many have become resistant to most AB's is one of Homeopathy's many success stories

Chronic disease states such as in Asthma; Depression; Addiction; Fears, Phobias; ADD; ADHD; Autism; Fibromyalgia; Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; Allergies; Auto-immune diseases such as Eczema and Psoriasis; Chronic Fatigue; Recurring Ear Infections; Electro Hypersensitivity; Schizophrenias; ADD; ADHD; Recurring Poison Oak Rashes, systemic; Circulatory problems; Lyme Disease; Respiratory diseases; Recurring Shingles; Hormonal problems (e.g. Thyroid dis-regulation, fertility problems); Metabolic disease (e.g Diabetes); Hormonal problems; Multiplicity; Candida; Gout; Chronic Headache; Migraines; Fibroids; ongoing Extreme Emotional Distress; Extreme Anxiety; Heart Disease; GI problems; Memory problems; Bone Problems such as mineral absorption or bone resorption; Prostate problems and ED; Joint and Tendon challenges such as Arthritis; Hallucinations; Vision problems; Cataracts; Glaucoma; AIDS; Chronic Malaria; Emphysema; Pericarditis; CP; MS; Parkinson’s; ALS; other Neurologic diseases such as Tourette's; Kidney, Liver, Skin, GI, Endocrine, and Exocrine function; Symptoms of Toxics (chemical, heavy metals-- such as lead poisoning-- post-vaccination, and chemical birth control); longterm problems since Epstein-Barr Virus and/or Mononucleosis

In India , thousands are treated for Cancers with great success shown with longterm followups. In the U.S., it is illegal for Homeopaths to treat Cancer specifically, and we are not treating disease anyway, but as we study the patient's case we include the strong symptoms and specific diagnoses as we support people who are undergoing Cancer treatments and are suffering side effects which can be debilitating.

Reminder: Homeopaths are not treating disease, but you. Well-matched homeopathic remedies will strengthen you to be able to mount the best defense you can to fight disease, and to support your whole system. When there is a disease flare-up please call as soon as you can and if you do not reach me directly, go to the ER if you worry that it is life-threatening, and let's talk as soon as possible

Examples of Homeopathy's many successes:

** In the 1849 Cholera epidemic, in Cincinnati, Ohio, 3% of 1,116 Homeopathy patients died. Those treated conventionally died at a rate of 48%-60%, depending on under whose care they were treated, or where they were treated. This would be attributed to the fact that Homeopaths were treating based on people’s unique symptoms. While often there would be a few remedies that were used more frequently due to some common symptoms showing up among many hit by the epidemic, still each person had to be given the remedy most closely corresponding to their own symptom complexes showing up in the disease state in them.

These kinds of numbers are common in disease epidemics where patients have been treated by Homeopaths.

Gandhi said, "In a gentle way, you can save the world"

** William Morgan, Homeopath and M.D. created a table in the 1860's tracking comparative results between Homeopathy and Allopathy (Conventional Medicine) based on governmental records. He included it in his book,

Diptheria: Its history, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, pathology, and treatment.

See below what was well-known already in the 1800's, and for additional modern research take some time reading up at: http://www.homeopathycenter.org/research



Allopathy... 70 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 15 per cent.

Febris flava-Yellow Fever.

Allopathy... 65 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 3 per cent.

Variola-Small - pox.

Allopathy... 24 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 8 per cent.

Febris rubra-Scarlet Fever.

Allopathy... 20 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 3 per cent.

Cholera pestifera-Malignant Cholera.

Allopathy... 50 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 20 per cent.


Allopathy... 22 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 3 per cent.

Typhus-Typhus Fever.

Allopathy... 16 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 14 per cent.

Febris Enterica-Enteric, or Typhoid Fever.

Allopathy... 20 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 10 per cent.

Ordinary Fevers.

Allopathy... 9 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 2 per cent.


Allopathy... 13 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 3 per cent.

Peritonitis-Inflammation of the Peritoneum.

Allopathy... 40 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 4 per cent.

Inflammatio cerebri-Inflammation of the Brain.

Allopathy... 70 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 6 per cent.

Pneumonia-Inflammation of the Lungs.

Allopathy... 23 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 5 per cent.


Allopathy... 87 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 29 per cent.

All diseases on the average.

Allopathy... 16 per cent.

Homoeopathy... 3 per cent.

Reminder: We’re working with your own susceptibilities, so let me know whether you have recognized patterns in your life. The more information I have up front about what you have noticed in your life, the better

For more references, studies, and history of Homeopathy, please visit the website of the

National Center for Homeopathy: https://www.homeopathycenter.org/

** When you have a doctor’s diagnosis and labs, that is further information I can use in distinction and confirmation of remedy choice; however, even without such diagnoses in hand, I am prescribing based on your organism’s expression of disease. I am working with how you experience it, and your descriptions of your experience (e.g. a bubbling sensation in the urethra; vision in morning and after a meal is like looking through gauze; headache with pain extending to the chin; feeling there are angels and devils giving directives; rubbing ameliorates itching eyelids; weeps easily; experiencing entities present which others do not see; paralysis one-sided with heat in the paralyzed part)

** I am happy to speak with your doctor or other healthcare team members to explain the work I do. While there used to be 22 full homeopathic medical schools in the U.S., by the turn of the 19th/20th century Conventional doctors and the AMA succeeded in converting them to Conventional Medicine schools so while the great work of Homeopaths never has stopped, in the U.S. Homeopathy usually is taught in smaller settings and well-trained Professional Homeopaths often do our study of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology in other college settings to fulfill those particular requirements. Teachers of Homeopathy travel the country and world to schools and conferences to teach and share professional experience

In Naturopathic colleges students can add a class in Homeopathy though of course then this is not their full focus so they may do more ‘keynote prescribing’, something closer to treating disease than the whole person, unless they have decided to spend many more years after in serious study of Classical Homeopathy. As many M.D.'s-turned-Homeopath in practice have clarified, one cannot practice both as an M.D. and as a Classical Homeopath as these are entirely different medical systems. Similarly, one would have trouble practicing as an N.D. and Homeopath without Homeopathy suffering since licensed Naturopaths (N.D.'s), though traditionally utilizing more natural substances to support the body, still are prescribing for disease while Homeopathy practiced classically is prescribing for the person. Yes, some have bridged that gap by very deep homeopathic study over years following their time in naturopathic college. In fact, my family's original Homeopath also was an N.D. and had gone to the depth of study over years to be able to prescribe deeply, not only on a surface level, while also giving naturopathic support with substances on a crude level, which did not interfere with the action of the homeopathic remedies. It's possible, but is not common.

** These simply are different medical systems**

When people prescribe homeopathic remedies to treat disease (rather than treating the person), they are not prescribing classically. This may be called Palliative Care. The outcome is likely to be some relief, which of course is welcome, but is not true resolution of the disease state, condition, or susceptibility; therefore, people have Asthma attacks recur regularly rather than having the strength not to succumb when exposed to what traditionally has triggered a life-threatening response. I am working with you to support your immune system in strengthening in order to reduce vulnerability.

Example: Perhaps your child has a history of succumbing to bronchitis, or even pneumonia when cold season hits. Then he is put onto suppressive Antibiotics (the name says it: Against Life). What if instead when he caught a cold maybe he had a day or two of rest, and no pharmaceuticals which can cause bad side effects in the moment, or danger over time? My job is to help your child (or you) to develop that strength in your immune system by matching a homeopathic remedy to the state I see before me, using the totality of symptoms presented in the case

** I practice under the Health Freedom Act in California (these Safe Harbour Laws exist in 11 states, more coming) where it is recognized that, people can have wonderful outcomes using other than, or complements to, Conventional Medicine (sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of the Business and Professions Code)

As a healthcare user, you can decide what modality works best for you. Most often you will have to pay out of pocket for Homeopathic treatment though increasing numbers of employers are seeing the benefit of contributing to flexible healthcare accounts so that their employees seek good healthcare which works for them, and also helps the bottom line of the business. Many people are using these accounts to cover Homeopathy costs. For instance, Homeopathy is on the list for the City of San Francisco’s Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) system.

I practice Traditional Naturopathy (legally covered by SB 796**) as a complement to Homeopathy meaning that, when appropriate I give suggestions for supplementation with particular herbs, vitamins, and minerals acting on the crude level (vs. energetic level); advocate particular practices; and will refer you to other practitioners, including M.D.'s or N.D.'s, when their help is appropriate alongside our work together.

** California's SB 796 (2017/2018 session) disallowed some Licensed Naturopaths' (N.D.s') attempt to stop traditional practitioners from using the descriptors of: 'Naturopath'; 'Traditional Naturopath'; and 'Naturopathic Practitioner' in describing work including Naturopathy as part of our practices. These descriptors long pre-date N.D. licensing, and often are focused more broadly on treating the person, vs. treating disease.

Once again, as a reminder, I am not treating disease but understanding how the disease state expresses itself in you, or your loved one. With babies who cannot speak for themselves, we ask parents or caregivers to do their best to describe when and how symptoms play out, and to try to understand the baby’s feelings. Does the baby pull back as though burned at your gentle touch? Is this response when you touch anywhere, or only in a particular place on the body, or at a particular time of day?

The same process helps me to work with disabled people who cannot communicate directly with me in a way I am likely to understand. In such a case, I ask a family member or caregiver to help translate to the best of your ability for me to do my best to help this person. I use this same process in working with someone who does not speak English; I ask a family member or caregiver to help to the best of your ability, or I refer to a Homeopath who speaks the language.

Do Homeopaths Treat Pets? The short answer is yes. And there are some veterinary specialists. The trick with pets is that, just like with babies or with incapacitated loved ones, or those with an inability to communicate directly with us in a way we are likely to understand, we get the help of those who can describe what has changed in the animal, or what they understand about what the animal is going through. We want to avoid making any assumptions, but look at what objectively is seen or known.