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My Commitment To You

When you decide to work with me, whether coming for Classical Homeopathy, or focused consults listed on the 'Focused Consultations' page, I will give you my best, the culmination of 36 years of holistic healthcare practice and study. It comes with personal extensive homeopathic experience long before my formal study at the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy, Jo Daly's Postgrad course and clinic, and other homeopathic study with longtime Homeopaths (more on the 'Background' page). My experience living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Electrohypersensitivity (EHS), and the accompanying Chronic Fatigue (CFS) led to seeking care through many alternative or complementary healthcare modalities. I can help you strategize around your family's healthcare with the aim of avoiding a lifetime of short-term crutches, so that you move toward long-lasting health.

When I feel you will benefit from other modalities, or another Homeopath's care, I give referrals to skilled practitioners. It's important that we work with healthcare people we trust have our best interest at heart. Your health and wellbeing is paramount.

** For Chronic/Constitutional care (see Acute/Chronic page), please plan on a 2 - 2-1/4-hour initial appt. for an adult, or a 1-1/2 - 2 hour appt. for a child. We may not need the full time, but time up front can avoid more time needed later. With this timeframe I can get a very good picture of you as a person, and how you experience the concerns you have brought to me. If I feel I have the information I need in less time, the time I set aside in my schedule then can go into getting started studying your case sooner than I might have been able to do otherwise.

** Please see my 'Cost' page to learn about my extensive pharmacy, another significant service for my Clients

As biological creatures, we are profoundly powerful people. Because our neural networks are made up of neurons communicating with other neurons in circuits, their behavior becomes quite predictable. The more conscious attention we pay to any particular circuit, or the more time we spend thinking specific thoughts, the more impetus those circuits or thought patterns have to run again with minimal external stimulation.

~ Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, Neuroanatomist,

My Stroke of Insight

Essentially, homeopathy is artistic and not a mechanical classification of data. The eliciting of symptoms, tracing the pattern and experience of the patient, gaining a peripheral vision in case taking, having an unprejudiced, silent and receptive mind, and foremost, having empathy for patients, are the subtlest aspects of practice....

~ Rajan Sankaran, Homeopath and M.D.

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